Mt. Zion UMC - St. Louis, MO

Happy New Year - 2015

For most folks in our society life has become very complicated. We have allowed ourselves to be influenced and molded by the world around us. The people we encounter and the people we listen to shape the decisions we make. The never-ending chatter of the media and its negative outlook on things can bring us down. We are influenced daily by people on both sides of the cross. It is no wonder so many people suffer from depression in today’s world. It is no wonder so many people live a hurried, exhausting life style. In this time of extreme busyness we are probably asking ourselves, "Is there a way to reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives?"

Yes there is! But that doesn’t mean there is some magic potion or an instant formula for relief. Overcoming worry, fear and anxiety is a journey.

But it is not a journey you take alone.

What better time to deal with the stress and anxiety of the times. In January we will be starting a sermon series on being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Join us as we journey together dealing with those things that 'Overwhelm' us.



Mozambique Initiative

The Mozambique Initiative includes safe water projects, micro-finance programs, leadership development, educational support and assistance for social services in Mozambique.  Please consider supporting it.